The 7 Biggest Beauty Sins!

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Okay admit it! 

We all are guilty of committing a beauty sin but it has been discovered that those indiscretions may be doing you more harm than you think. Read on to get the full list, some may surprise you. 
   #1 Sleeping with Your Makeup On!  
       (I mean seriously!?)

This is an 'unforgivable' sin!

So you went out with the gurls or to this really glamorous wedding looking your best. The food, the glitterati, the fun. And before you know it you're face down on your bed. You'll wash that waterproof mascara & smokey eye off in the morning, right? Not so fast! Nighttime is your skin's time to repair itself. Leaving makeup on overnight is going to clog your pores & trap in dirt from the day. Moreover, if you're acne prone this is the worst thing you can do to your skin.  

If you know you'll be lazy at night once you're back after all the fun, make sure you leave some makeup removing wipes by your bed side along with a mirror to give yourself a quick swipe before shutting your eyes.
   #2 Over Exfoliating

Exfoliating gets rid of all the dead skin cell on your face but at the same time it makes your skin more vulnerable to sun & your favorite products. A little exfoliating every now & then works wonders but exfoliate too much & you could be doing more harm than help to your skin. 

How much is too much? I recommend a few times a week in summers but in winters keep it as low as once a week or you'll dry your skin out. 
   #3 Over Moisturizing 

Slathering your face in lotion especially in winters is a good for your skin, right? Not exactly. Over moisturizing can cause breakouts even in winters. It can also give you milia, tiny white spots formed when dead skin is trapped in the skin. 

Serum is always a better option over lotion if you have an acne prone skin as it will help you keep your pores clean.
   #4 Popping Your Pimples 

So tomorrow is a day you MUST look your best (date? ahem!) & whats worse than you walking around with a pimple on your face! Popping it is not the solution, unfortunately. Picking at your face leads to depressed scars, skin infections & even broken blood vessels. Use an acne gel or treatment to get rid of it without leaving behind a scar. If you absolutely must pop, use a warm cotton swab & press gently. 
   #5 Not Getting Enough Sleep?

I know, I know. You don't have time to eat some days let alone get 7-8 hours of sleep. Bad news is: there is no way around to this beauty must! Nighttime is your skin's time to recover & rejuvenate. Apply all the makeup in the world & your skin is still not going to look good if you don't get enough sleep. 

One way of catching up on sleep, if you're fall behind regularly is to turn off the lights, your pc & laptop & putting your cell phone on silent mode so that you can psychologically 'check out' & focus on sleep. 

   #6 Swapping Your Strand Shade Frequently

Trading your tress tint once in a while works fine but dyeing your hair too often leads to weaker hair hence hairfall. I had a colleague who was so badly hooked on coloring her hair & would change hair shade every 2 months! Funny part was, whenever I told her I was thinking of getting a hair color myself she would be on her knees asking me not to make such a terrible mistake. Get this: celebs change hair color often for their movie roles or to attract attention but they also do extra TLC & put in major moolah to undo the damage.  

Here's tip: try distracting yourself. Get a new shade of lipstick or a hot nail color that's 'in' instead. When you finally get to the point where you have to color your coif then keep these in mind. Bleach is the most hair damaging agent so try not to use it before 6 weeks. Darker shades do less damage since you're not taking away any natural pigment of your hair (bleach remember?) so look for darker shades which suit your skin tone. And finally, a hair conditioning regime - post color is, surely going to keep your hair healthy. 

   #7 Hanging On To Beauty Products Not Frequently Used

So when was the last time you checked the expiry of your beauty products? Or threw away the ones not frequently used? The ones laying on your vanity since a few months now? Don't hang on to products that you do not use frequently. Since your fingers are your applicators most of the times, bacteria build up in jars & bottles & end up on your face. As a rule of thumb, make sure you regularly sort your makeup & throw away any products which were used/not used for 6 months. 

Until next time - prenez soin de vous !

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