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I think I have done more post for The Body Shop products than I did for any other brand. The reason being I have purchased more from this brand. The idea beauty of ranges dedicated to fruits and flowers and scents from around the world is quite appealing, so is the quality of the products that has always been satisfactory. If you remember, sometime back in February 2015 I was invited to The Body Shop Red Musk Fragrance launch. Invited to cover the event as a blogger I ended up with a goodie bag! Apart of other things it contained two lovely fragrances which have become my favorite from the brand - Red Musk Eau de Parfum* & Smoky Poppy Eau de Toilette*! In this post I will share my thoughts on Red Musk Eau de Parfum.

Red Musk Eau de Parfum by The Body Shop
Red Musk Eau de Parfum by The Body Shop

Like I mentioned in my previous post: loved by many, the scent Wood Musk by The Body Shop was discounted seventeen years back. The loyal customer waited eagerly rather pleaded The Body Shop to bring Musk back. The Body Shop re-launched Red Musk Eau de Parfum, the first man-made cruelty free musk. A distinctively different fragrance with spiced musk and hot notes of cinnamon and intense tobacco, Red Musk Eau de Parfum defies conventional fragrance - that's sexy! If you are not a floral or fruity person then do give this one a try.

It comes in red packaging (perfect Valentine's day gift!) with an ombre transparent and deep brownish, almost cinnamon-powder-colored (brown?) kind of bottle if you know what I mean. The bottle itself gives you that first-impression of the fragrance - warm and spicy! I understand that many of you might not appreciate floral and fruity fragrances. This is why Red Musk Eau de Parfum is the right fragrance for you! While most of The Body Shop's fragrances are floral, clean, sweet and delicate, Red Musk Eau de Parfum is the most unconventional fragrance by the brand ever. No flowers - just a bold blend of musk and spice!
Can you handle the scandal?
Red Musk Eau de Parfum by The Body Shop
Red Musk Eau de Parfum by The Body Shop
Red Musk Eau de Parfum by The Body Shop

Red Musk Eau de Parfum is an intensely different feminine fragrance that is scandalizing the perfume establishment with its smoldering blend of spiced musk with hot notes of pepper, cinnamon and tobacco - and no flowers adding a red-hot note to the scandalous fragrance history of The Body Shop. In 1981, The Body Shop pioneered the iconic White Musk, the first fragrance with man-made cruelty-free musk rather than using the perfume industry's standard ingredient gathered from deer. The Body Shop in the form of Red Musk continues to challenge conventional ways but turning up the heat on codes of feminine fragrance.

The main ingredients of Red Musk Eau de Parfum are Pepper, Cinnamon and Tobacco!
TOP NOTE Pepper is an addictive note that adds a sparking dimension to the fragrance. This will give you a first impression of the fragrance - either it is a hit or a miss for you right at this point. A known aphrodisiac, HEART NOTE Cinnamon makes this fragrance intriguingly irresistible. BASE NOTE Tobacco is a smoky note that gives the base a mystery allure and almost impossible to resist. 
Red Musk by The Body Shop
Image: The Body Shop website
When the master perfumer, Corinne Cachen of Drom Fragrances and creator of Red Musk Eau de Parfum was asked what inspired her to create an all-spice fragrance this is what she had to say:

Red Musk Eau de Parfum by The Body Shop
Image: The Body Shop website
Red Musk Eau de Parfum is definitely not your conventional 'girly-girl' women fragrance. I would like to take a step further by saying it is almost unisex! The sensuality and warmth of spices combined with musk ends up in a unique fragrance which has an air of seduction to it and so hard to resist. Given the quality of this fragrance the price tag seems pretty affordable for something that stands out in the crowd of scents available out there. 

I will definitely recommend Red Musk Eau de Parfum if you really want to try a different fragrance and also if fruity and floral is not your thing. Next time you come across The Body Shop store (The Centaurus Mall and Jinnah Super) do step in and take a moment to check it out. One spray is enough for you to realize your LOVE/HATE relationship with this scent. I would also recommend this for your special one, I think this will appeal to men as well. This makes a perfect date-night gift given it's bright red packaging and lasting scent. This is an extremely unique fragrance and just like myself I am sure you might not have smelled anything like this before. Utterly scandalous! 

Have you tried Red Musk Eau de Parfum yet? 

Available Online // The Body Shop 
60 ml  £ 20

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  1. i love the body shop and this sounds really interesting, i'll have to see if i can find it so i can smell it first haha

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  3. Wow, looks great. ^^
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