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Hi Lovelies,

It's the most wonderful time of the year..

Set of 2 Reindeer Mugs
Set of 2 Reindeer Mugs from
Set of 2 Reindeer Mugs

Last night I unpacked my favorite Christmas Tree and assembled it into one piece (am I late?). I still have not put up all the decorations yet but wanted to, at least place it where it should be at this time of the year. I ordered a lot of Christmas decorations online this season, I may have overdone it too but its Christmas after all! That's what we do at this time of the year. I know I need to be modest and have a kind heart towards the less fortunate but I am sure spending on the festivity during this time makes everything so magical and worthwhile. Do you agree? 

Over the weekend, I received my first order of the season, and I would love to share the details with you. I ordered a Set of Two Reindeer Mugs from Next online which I think are really cute, festive as well as economical. At £ 7.00 these seemed like a good purchase. These came in two colors - red and white. Both have similar pattern of reindeers printed on them. However, on the red mug the reindeer is white in color with a faded design and on the white one it is printed in red. I love this contrast of red and white and cannot wait to use these for my morning coffee!

How do you like these? Let me know.

You can purchase these ONLINE here

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  1. These are so cute

  2. Such lovely mugs, I wanna fill them with cocoa and marshmallows! Great post :D xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram :D