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Hey pretty ladies..!!

You know, a simple & inexpensive way to look suave – cute, shiny nails. J

I am so into buffing nails that sometimes I overdo it (not good). A buffer smoothes out the nail ridges, buffs & adds a natural, glossy shine. The most recent one that I purchased was The Body Shop Nail Buffer.
The Body Shop Nail Buffer

This particular one has two sides. It comes in a number of different printed patterns which look so pretty & unique (so I got one!) The rough side nicely smoothes away any ridges that your nail has & creates this powder around your nail. The smooth side polishes your nail & gives it that natural shine. Since this one is bigger than your regular buffer, it gives you better grip & more control on the amount of pressure you want to apply on your nail.
It very easy to use & is gentle on your nails. The only cons that I see is that it’s a little hard to angle plus the pattern on the rough side comes off after regular use. Overall it’s a good add to your beauty bags. If you have some extra cash I strongly recommend you pretty gulrs get it…!!
Hugs.. <3

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  1. Wow..good going :) i like it as well....

  2. The pattern ws unique btw. :)