Harmony Time Shower Cream | Nivea

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This is probably what heaven smells like!

Well hello there Belle Dames! Now last week while I was waiting for a friend to pick me up I decided to spend a little time in the nearby store. Other than Pringles (large :p) & Johnson’s Baby Bath (for my friend’s son) I decided to get Nivea ‘Harmony Time’ Shower Cream as I was running out of my current shower wash. Now I’m a BIG fan of Nivea shower creams ever since I tried Nivea ‘Happy Time’. And those of you who have tried it out know exactly what I’m talking about – its fruity scent of Orange Blossoms & Nurturing Bamboo Milk. J
“Indulge your senses & inspire your mind under the shower…”
Nivea Harmony Time Shower Cream


I must admit I was a little skeptical about Harmony Time since I thought maybe because Happy Time was so wonderfully sensational, this one might not come up to my expectations. And since I get overly excited to try out new products I wasted no time to step in the shower once I was home.

Ooh la la..

Nivea Harmony Time is part of Nivea Time range from their Extra Skin Care Bath Care range. Harmony Time promises to change your mood under the shower. As you indulge into this rich, moisturizing shower cream your senses feel relaxed.
“Let the delicate scent of White Roses relax your senses…”

Nivea Harmony Time Shower Cream

Nivea Harmony Time Shower Cream

The most beautiful part is the truly sensational botanical scent of White Roses that wraps your gently. For softer feeling skin its composition includes HYDRA IQ (active content that stimulates formation of hydration channels which control distribution of water & keep it within skin cells providing constant moisture). This amazingly silky shower cream combined with moisturizing Almond Milk deeply cleanses & caresses your skin & will leave it refreshed, smooth & hydrated. Once you step out of the shower your entire room will have the sweet aura of White Roses (hence you’ll know if your sister’s been using it behind your back :p)

Relax & rejuvenate with every shower!   

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Most Essential


Hey Gorgeous ladies,

In my posts I have always made a clear point on how important ‘daily’ skin care regime is. One of the basics includes a face wash for your skin type. From Oriflame’s Essential range I really wanted to try out their Essential Fairness 5 in 1 Gel Wash with Mulberry Extract & Vitamin E for Oily skin as I ran out of my current one.

Essential Fairness 5 in 1 Gel Wash comes in a 75ml cute tube which has a pink gradient effect on a white background. Texture of the gel wash is medium & has a pearly shine to it. The fragrance is really sweet-smelling & mild. It is not overly foamy & comes off easily. Its a multi-action, soap-free cleansing formula that helps brighten & even out your skin tone. The good thing about it is that it gently removes my makeup especially eye makeup. The ‘best’ thing however is that it removes excess oil without leaving your skin dry afterwards like some face washes. My skin looks clean, refreshed & kind of ‘fair’. *big smile* 

Now a little about Mulberry Extract & Vitamin E. Mulberry & Vitamin E together help reduce skin pigmentation. Mulberry is a common ingredient in many skin care products. Mulberry extract is a ‘skin lightening’ extract from Japan & comes from the skin of a dried out mulberry. Mulberry extract also inhibits melanin production, provides rejuvenation & a healthy glow to your skin. Vitamin E on the other hand is one of the most powerful antioxidant (antioxidant: substance that protects your skin against free radicals) that protects & repairs your skin. Vitamin E help fight early signs of aging especially fine lines & wrinkles leaving it soft, smooth & healthy. (Imp: Elements from the weather such as dry air, wind, ultra violet rays can act as a catalyst in the aging of your skin). 

Essential Fairness 5 in 1 Gel Wash with Mulberry Extract & Vitamin E is a highly recommended gel wash for everyday use if you’re looking for one & no you do not need a fat wallet to purchase it so place your orders with ME right away! :)

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Live Luxe | Jennifer Lopez

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Hi again Sweethearts..

Fall is around the corner as I look out of my window towards a cloudy sky. And it’s been a while I wrote a review on my fragrances. So before its fall I want to make sure I’m out of those last few fruity, summer fragrances. J Today I chose Jennifer Lopez’s Live Luxe

Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe

Jennifer Lopez’s Live Luxe came out in 2006 a year after the original Live which is a spring-time, energetic, fruity floral. My first J Lo perfume was Glow After Dark gift set that came with a really cute evening-date purse. Live Luxe however is a bolder, stronger, fruitier version of the original. The top note is the fruitiest I've ever experienced! Even the florals in the middle notes are vibrant which add to the overly glamorous & glittery appeal. This fragrance is fruity in essence; it’s young, sparkling, sweet & delicious. This is definitely a head turner & wants you to be the center of attention! The only con I see is that it may be overpowering for some ladies.

I luv the box which is very shiny & covered with glitter, kind of gives you a hint of what’s inside. J Equally glamorous is the bottle inside with its reflective design, red cap & Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe written around the rim of the bottle. It has more vibrant, brighter colors as compared to the original Live. Turn it every 60 degrees & you see a new color!

Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe
Yellow Topaz
Midnight Blue
Red Ruby

Live Luxe is like Miami in a bottle – you can’t smell it without thinking of summers & sand, white beaches & long nights. If you’re into fruity fragrances on the bolder side this one is definitely for you. Drop by to check it out as I carry it with me all the time. ;)

Top Notes: Juicy Pear & Peach
Middle Notes: Amethystfreesia, Muguet Petals
Base Notes: Diamond Musk, Soft Amber

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Here Comes The Bride..!



My favorite magazine! Not only because of its glossy pages & high end bridal fashion but also because its has so many cute & romantic ideas from dresses, shoes & hair to jewelry to flowers, wedding decor & alot more. While I was going through this month's issue I thought of sharing some of the things I really liked with YOU pretty ladies, so start scrolling!

Brides Magazine
The glossy cover! Aug 2012 issue..

Brides Magazine: Victor Harper Wedding Gown
Most pretty Victor Harper gown on the left. This satin fit-to-flare gown has a jeweled bodice & hip line.

Brides Magazine: Jim Hjelm Wedding Gown
Another one by Jim Hjelm, luving this ivory silk organza A-line sleeveless bridal gown with V-neckline, sophisticated lace & chapel train..

Brides Magazine: Liancarlo Wedding Gowns
And my most fav by Liancarlo, elegant mermaid gown in lace with sexy V-neckline, romantic cap sleeves & crystal applique on satin around the waist. I'm luving the lips & rosy cheeks! 

Brides Magazine: Mary's Bridal Wedding Gowns
How adorable is this 'elbow length' veil on this pretty Mary's Bridal mermaid gown from their Unspoken Romance collection..

Brides Magazine: Da Vinci Wedding Gowns
I luv the overall look of this Da Vinci wedding gown! 

Brides Magazine: Da Vinci Wedding Gowns
..especially the crystal details around the waist. 

Brides Magazine: Da Vinci Wedding Gowns
And you need to have a really toned up figure to pull a lace bridal gown like this one by Da Vinci

Brides Magazine: Taylor Swift in CoverGirl
Lovely Taylor Swift in CoverGirl. I don't think I can pull off this look! L

Brides Magazine: Simone Carvalli Bridal Gowns
Yes this Simone Carvalli gown is awesome but it’s actually the black chandeliers & carpet in the background that really caught my attention - so retro & sexy!

Cathy Waterman's Briarpatch ring in Diamonds & Aqua;  Sylva & Cie 14 caret Rose Gold, Oxidized Sterling Silver ring in Amethyst; James de Givenchy Taffin Platinum ring in Diamonds & Yellow Sapphire.
Showstoppers & totally proposal worthy! 
From top: Cathy Waterman's Briarpatch ring in Diamonds & Aqua  $23,420 
Sylva & Cie 14 caret Rose Gold, Oxidized Sterling Silver ring in Amethyst  $10,000
James de Givenchy Taffin Platinum ring in Diamonds & Yellow Sapphire.  

Brides Magazine: Katy Perry in Pantene
Katy Perry & her big BLUE eyes, reminds me of her vid T.G.I.F - click to watch! 

Brides Magazine: Center table decoration
Color schemes for center table decoration.
Blue & Amethyst: Delphiniums, Scabiosa & Forget-me-nots.  

Brides Magazine: Center table decoration
Hot Pink & Burgundy: Dahlias, Ranunculus, Peonies & Japanese Maple-Leaf Foliage. 

Plum & Violet: Allium, Clematises, Wheat Grasses, Wild Sweet Peas & Columbines. 

Brides Magazine: Bouquet by The Designer's Co-op.
Such an adorable bouquet by  The Designer's Co-op   $300!
Garden Roses, Ranunculus, Astilbes, Love-In-The-Mist, Muscari, Cornflowers, Maidernhair Fern, Sweet Peas, Hyacinths, Dusty Millers, Artemisia & Umbrella Fern!

Brides Magazine: Boutonnieres crafted out of native plants.
The boutonnieres crafted out of native plants like White  Pine Needles, Sphagnum Moss & White Heather. 

Bridal Magazine: White birch trees hung with twinkling lights.
White birch trees hung with twinkling lights strategically positioned to hide the reception tent's pole - how cool! 

Brides Magazine: Wedding stationery by Ann's Bridal Bargains.
Luving this color scheme of blue & white wedding stationery by Ann's Bridal Bargains.

Brides Magazine: Maggie Sottero gown.
This Maggie Sottero gown looks chic but I'm more interested in the untouched brick wall in the background - great idea for living room!

Brides Magazine: "I Love You" Chocolate bars by Knock Knock Stuff.
Cute "I Love You" Chocolate bars by Knock Knock Stuff, reminds me of Valentines.. <3

Brides Magazine: Chocolate wedding cake.
Romantic initials engraved on a chocolate wedding cake..

Brides Magazine: Oheka Castle.
Wish to have your dream wedding at a castle? 
Oheka Castle is a great option if your answer is yes.
 "A castle to call your own with just one wedding a day"..

Brides Magazine: Secret Resort & Spa, Mexico.
Honeymoon or simply time for two. The amazing pool at Secrets Resort & Spa in Mexico!

Brides Magazine: Rusty
Cute Ideas: Rusty, a couple's dog wearing the same green tie the groomsmen wore! 

Brides Magazine: Lovely couple
The beautiful couple themselves.

Brides Magazine: Schick Hydro Silk
The little summer dress my best friend really liked in Schick Hydro Silk ad :)

Brides Magazine: Vera Wang Gown
Organza Roses + White by Vera Wang = Super Romantic! 

Brides Magazine: Elegantly Iced Cake
Elegantly Iced Cake @  $12 per slice! 

Brides Magazine: Cartier.
 Last but not the least.
“True love has a color & a name” - Cartier

Hope you enjoyed this little trip through my Brides magazine.. until the next issue xoxo..

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Good Morning Honey :)

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This post is inspired by 2 things: 

- My first cup of coffee at work every morning.
Coffee a magical substance that turns "leave me alone or die" into, "good morning honey!" - Aunty Acid

I am a big time tea lover but I started having coffee ever since the tea made at my work place didn't taste so good. Off course it was being made in the microwave & not on the stove like at home. Tea has to be cooked properly, there's a recipe that has to be followed, it takes time for the essence to really show up to make it taste good. That doesn't happen when you make it in a microwave hence coffee. Instead of writing a paragraph on coffee  let me share some interesting facts that I read over the internet lately. 
Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee

Coffee is actually a fruit - it’s a cherry. 

2. Legend has it that coffee was accidentally discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder when he discovered how crazy the beans were making his goats. And yes - he gave it a try too lol!

3. Coffee is a proactive (proactive: affecting the mind or the mental processes) & at high doses it can make you 'see' things.

4. Lethal dose of caffeine is approx. 100 cups of coffee. (Now don't try this okay!) 

5. The world record for most coffee consumption is 82 cups in 7 hours! 

6. North Europeans are the biggest coffee drinkers - Denmark, Norway & Sweden lead the pack. 

7. At first in Europe coffee was known as Arabic Wine.

8. 91% of coffee consumed is taken at breakfast, & sometimes 'is' breakfast.   

9. The second place where coffee is most consumed is in the workplace. 

10. Coffee is only grown near the Equator from the Tropic of Cancer to Tropic of Capricorn within a 1,000 mile limit. 

11. A coffee drinker averages 2-3 cups of coffee a day. 

12. Only 35% of coffee drinkers drink their coffee black. 

13. It takes 40 coffee beans to make a cup of coffee

14. Ludwig Van Beethoven, the great German composer & pianist was a big fan of coffee & it was rumored that he was very specific about his brew. Before every cup, he counted exactly 60 coffee beans a cup!

15. Coffee has been around for over 11 centuries & is currently the most widely consumed beverage in the world. 

Godetevi il vostro caffè innamorati!

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