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I know & I admit, I'm a person who spends more on skincare than makeup.

I mean if I have a choice between buying cosmetics or skincare I would definitely go for skincare. I've always been fond of makeup & still spend plenty on my favorite bands & items. However, 6-7 years ago, one awesome moment I said to myself - I want to look equally pretty without makeup. You know, like step out into the world without anything on my face. To be honest, I do not step out without anything on my face very often but I know that I've taken good care of my skin & hence receive regular compliments ♥ 

Coming to the product I'm going to review today. The Body Shop's MOISTURE WHITE Shiso UV Protector is part of my recent The Body Shop haul for this month. I purchased this moisturising cream to add in my daily beauty regime a product that brightens skin & protects it from harmful effects of the sun. Well, I'm not too fond of sunblocks but I also understand the importance of keeping your skin protected from harmful rays of the sun. It's the stickiness in sunblocks that makes me uncomfy.  MOISTURE WHITE Shiso UV Protector comes with SPF 30 which kind of made me think & rethink if I really needed it or not. Thought the salesperson was convinced I needed SPF in my daytime moisturizer with the kind of results I was looking for, it was however my decision to go ahead with the purchase. J 

The Body Shop MOISTURE WHITE Shiso UV Protector
The Body Shop MOISTURE WHITE Shiso UV Protector

The Body Shop MOISTURE WHITE Shiso UV Protector is part of The Body Shop's latest skin care range called MOISTURE WHITE. This is an improved formulation of the previous white range & contains the unique Japanese Shiso formula. It also contains organic aloe vera, vitamin C & liquorice all of which are known for their complexion enhancing & skin lightening properties. 

The Body Shop MOISTURE WHITE Shiso UV Protector

The Body Shop MOISTURE WHITE Shiso UV Protector

This day cream comes in a very elegant white tube of 50 ml (1.7 US FL OZ). The texture is medium-thick with a really bright white color. It contains a mild, pleasing fragrance. As you apply it onto your skin it feel thick & rich in the beginning & later is gently adsorbed leaving skin soft & hydrated. I must emphasize how rich this cream feels as you apply it on your skin. MOISTURE WHITE Shiso UV Protector helps you deal specifically with dark spots, skin discoloration & pigmentation - my main skin concern these days. I have been using it for 3 weeks now & I must say my skin feels brighter & more even than before. Not to forget that it contains SPF 30 for that extra protection from sun damage & guards your skin against skin darkening UVA/UVB rays. 

MOISTURE WHITE Shiso UV Protector is definitely working for me. I plan to get a few more products from this range especially Moisture White Shiso Whitening Night Treatment & the Moisture White Shiso Cleansing Oil

Have you tried the MOISTURE WHITE range? How did it work out for you? 

Love & Hugs!

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Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter | The Body Shop


“Indulgent Moisture for beautifully soft hands…”

Hi Beautiful ones, 

One thing I can't live without, starting from fall is hand creams & butters! Now, I have really dry skin. To top it off, I love applying & re-applying hand creams/lotions/butters. Hence, I'm always in hunt for good hand care & would spend as much on the quality as I do for my skin care & makeup.

The Body Shop Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter

As winters approach, hands are neglected & appear drier than our face. This is because skin at the back of our hands is thin & delicate with lesser oil glands. My hands get very dry for some odd reason. This is why I always prefer shea butter or rich textured hand creams & lotions. If you have been following my blog you would know how big a fan I am of The Body Shop. Everytime I visit their store I buy as many things as I can. This time, apart from everything else that I purchased, I picked Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter  even though my all-time favorite has been their Almond Hand & Nail Cream. I picked Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter because of it's, firstly lovely pink color jar. But that's not all about this little 100ml jar of sweet fragrance.

The Body Shop Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter

The Body Shop Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter

 Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter is luxurious. Made for mature skin, this hand butter provides up to 24 hours of intensive moisture. Though the label says it’s formulated for mature skin but I’m assuming anyone can use it. The fragrance is.. oh.. so lovely. It's amazingly heavenly, a soft blend of Roses & Shea Butter.  The texture is rich & buttery with a slight hint of pink. The ingredients - as The Body Shop's tradition have been, all come from Community Fair Trade. It contains shea butter rosehip oil. The composition is non-greasy as you apply & leaves your hands really well moisturized. It's absolutely perfect for everyday use. The best part - you only need a small amount for both hands. J
Have you tried this product? Which one is your favorite hand cream? Let me know!

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NOTD | OPI Black Cherry Chutney


Hi lovelies!

I so wanted to do my first Nail of the Day post. J Beauty blogger's world is going crazy over   fall  nail colors. Everywhere on blogosphere all I see is new  fall  nail shades. This was a big temptation for a nail polish addict like myself. Though I'm more inclined towards softer tones of nail polishes, not that I do not fancy darker shades, the color I picked for this post is pretty gothic. 

O.P.I Black Cherry Chutney

This is O.P.I  Black Cherry Chutney. I found it on the O.P.I counter while shopping with my best friend & was lost in the color nirvana for a while. However, as soon as I snapped back to my senses I decided to go for this shade. O.P.I  Black Cherry Chutney is part of the O.P.I India Collection if I'm not wrong. 

O.P.I Black Cherry Chutney
With Flash!
O.P.I Black Cherry Chutney

This collection has colors that are warm, enchanting & vivid O.P.I Black Cherry  Chutney is a delicious dark, vampy, purple-red-black shade, almost like black berry. It contains subtle shimmer for further depth & is very deep metallic. I applied two coats for the photoshoot. It's almost magical! The shade looks different in different tones of light. I stepped out in my garden to show you how the shade looked in natural light. Since it was a bit breezy I managed to capture a couple of interesting clicks. 

I really enjoyed doing this post & I hope you pretty ladies like it too. For more on the latest from O.P.I click here. Let me know what you think of this shade. 

Have you tried out this shade? Have you recently done a NOTD post? Yes? Leave a link below so that I could check it out! 


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Life with INSTAGRAM - I


Hi Pretty Ladies!

So today I’m going to do my  FIRST - "Life with INSTAGRAM"

LOVE taking photographs & INSTAGRAM is not only a great photo-sharing program but an awesome social network too. I love almost all of its filters but I think I've been using some more than the others like "earlybird", "toaster" & "walden". Nevertheless, this is such a fun post & I'm sure I'm going to keep it regular from now onward. Lets scroll down.... J

1. Surprise-belated birthday gift from a very dear friend |  2. My new fall flats I totally adore, so cute!
3. A quick snack while the cat’s away (cat = my boss  :D) |  4. That awesome moment when you find the perfect file separators! 

1. Iranian dinner with a really close, loved one @ Omar Khayyam |  2. Candyfloss - thanks to my lil sis!
3. Baby oranges in my garden.. |  4. Customizing my best friend's new HTC.

1. Instagram-ing @ Siri Paye, Shogran |  2. Wells Fargo Balloon Fiesta 2012 Albuquerque, NM (pic courtesy, a friend)  |  3. A lil attempt to find my lost baby turtle - Speedy :( |  4. Apple of my eye: Eshaal, my best friend's daughter.

1. Lost & found: got myself some new rings |  2. The Economist: At least give me some credit for going through it.  |  3. Recent haul & crush - more from The Body Shop |  4. Ladoo, a magical sweet - tried it after a long time with my best friend. 

Instagram, Colors of Fall
 Colors of fall in my garden: 
1. leaves turning yellow |  2. Ivy turning into multi-colors.
3. Some trees are just ever green. |  4. Full view while I was shooting this post.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little trip. I'll be back soon with some more. Cheers

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Nivea 'Double Effect' Shower Cream

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Hello pretty ones! 

If you have been following my blog, you must have gone through my post about Nivea 'Harmony Time' Shower Cream where I went on & on about what a wonderful experience enjoying this shower cream was. This time, however I picked up Nivea double effect Shower & Shave. To tell you the truth time, I thoroughly checked this 250 ml bottle to confirm it’s not a product for men - lolls the chances of which were less, thanks to the usually colorful bottle.

“Let the delicate scent of Passion Fruit envelop your senses...”

Nivea Double Effect Shower & Shave

Nivea double effect Shower & Shave is part of Nivea’s Essential Skin Care range – a part of Nivea’s Bath Range. The rich formula blended with Avocado Oil is specially created for effortless shaving experience. But that’s not the only reason to try out this shower cream. The amazingly refreshing scent of Passion Fruit explodes as soon as you squeeze your shower loofah. It creates a lot of lather & feels extra smooth on your skin – it made me smile. J It almost feels like an aromatherapy session with fragrant oils. The purpose of this is to help you with an effortless shaving experience, if you prefer shaving on waxing & other methods of hair removal. However, if you’re somebody like me who wants to try this out just for the sake of experiencing different Nivea product, then I must say it’s an amazing buy.

Nivea Double Effect Shower & Shave

Nivea Double Effect Shower & Shave

Nivea Double Effect Shower & Shave

Just like Nivea 'Harmony Time' Shower cream Nivea double effect Shower & Shave has HYDRA IQ (active agent that stimulates formation of hydration channels which control distribution of water & keeps it within the skin cells providing constant moisture). If you come across this shower cream while shopping, don't hesitate to pick one up to enjoy this wonderful experience. Find out more about Nivea products by clicking here.

“Relax & rejuvenate with every shower…”

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Apple Magic...

Red Apples of Naran Kaghan Valley

Dedicated to the big, bright ‘apple’ I had on my way back from Naran Valley. 

In every single apple lies
A truly magical surprise.
Instead of slicing down,
slice through
And watch the star
appear for you!

This has to be the most ‘beautiful’ apple I ever had! J So pretty that I had to take pics of it before enjoying it, as we were on our way back from an amazing trip to Lake Saif ul Malook in the majestic Naran Valley, a part of the Himalayas. I’ll be doing a totally separate post on our Naran Valley adventure, which stands at 12,000 ft above sea level, where I’ll share photos of the most picturesque valleys & sites we crossed on our way along River Kunhar

However, while going through photos of the trip today I just couldn't resist sharing this particular photograph. Everything about this picture is amazing, the brilliant ‘red of the apple, the lovely shades of ‘green’ nature in the background, the ‘blue’ sky & amazingly magical clouds.  I’m sure you can imagine my delight. Not to forget the.. awwhh.. the awesome way this apple smelled! And no need to describe how juicy – sweet nectar filled this apple was. *licks lips* All I can say is that having an apple in the virtual paradise that Naran is, is one of the little yet most cherished moments of our trip. 

Do you have anything related to share – leave a comment. J 

Red Apples
Even the 'anti-focus' is equally charming...
Happy backpacking..

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Time For Apricot Scrubs!


Smells So Yummy You'll Want To Eat!

Hi beautifuls!

Fall is in full swing. 

With autumn comes its side effects on our skin. Have you noticed the dryness of your skin lately? The slight chill in the breeze these days takes away the moisture in our skin leaving it dull, cracked & flaky. To protect your skin from dryness its very important to exfoliate. Keeping all this in mind I recently purchased FREEMAN’s Feeling Beautiful Facial Creamy Scrub in Apricot. This scrub is part of FREEMAN’s Feeling Beautiful skincare range.

FREEMAN’s Feeling Beautiful Facial Creamy Scrub in Apricot

FREEMAN has one of the best selling & extensive skincare range! This scrub comes in a really nice bright apricot-orange 150 ml tube. Its made with natural, botanical ingredients. The texture is really creamy, ideal for those with sensitive skin. The scrub is really gentle on the skin while you massaging. It helps remove dull, dead skin cells that cause flaky skin. It smells so 'apricot' & fresh. I'm using it regularly during showers & since its very gentle on my skin & absolutely non-abrasive. Its an absolutely refreshing product especially if you add it to your shower time. J

FREEMAN’s Feeling Beautiful Facial Creamy Scrub in Apricot

The good thing about FREEMAN’s Feeling Beautiful Facial Creamy Scrub in Apricot is that its moisturizing & leaves skin smooth & glowing. This scrub is a must in my fall beauty regime since we all know how important it is to exfoliate to promote growth of new skin cells. Don't forget to check out the complete range FREEMAN’s Feeling Beautiful  here

Let me know which facial scrubs are you pretty ladies using these days.. :) 

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Madagascan Vanilla Flower Fragrance Mist | The Body Shop


Escape with our captivating fragrance collection inspired by the scents of the world created with ingredients from around the world - The Body Shop

The Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla Flower Fragrance Mist

Nothing like a birthday gift from a very dear one that you fall in love with completely! :)

The Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla Flower Fragrance Mist

Scents Of The World is the 2012 collection of 5 EDTs launched by The Body Shop & composed of 100% organic alcohol & natural extracts collected from various parts of the world. These scents will take you to a fragrant journey from east to west. This range consists of:

Amazonian Wild Lily
Atlas Mountain Rose
Madagascan Vanilla Flower
Indian Night Jasmine
Japanese Cherry Blossom

The Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla Flower Fragrance Mist

Today's review is about Madagascan Vanilla Flower which is a 100ml fragrance mist that I recently got as a birthday gift. Madagascan Vanilla Flower fragrance mist is an oriental scent. It comes in very nice 100ml sleek bottle with picture of Madagascan landscape & vanilla flowers in soft colors. Inspired by the tropical island, this mist is a warm sensual blend of floral & oriental accords. It contains notes of amber, frangipani & vanilla.

The Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla Flower Fragrance Mist

The fragrance is light & refreshing. Its like a warm tropical African breeze. Its absolutely perfect for everyday wear. If you feel the need to built the fragrance you can layer with other products in this range. This fragrance will transport you to the sun-drenched tropical island. If you're a fan of The Body Shop like me you MUST check out these fragrances.

I plan to check out rest of the fragrances from Scents Of The World range whenever I visit The Body Shop next. If any of you have already tried anything out from this range do leave your comments. To find out more on the complete range of products from The Body Shop click here

I'll be back soon.. :)

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