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Fall 2012 Hottest Beauty Trends  

Hello gurls!

Today's post is a review of the hottest fall beauty trendfrom 2012 fall runways.  Forget no-makeup makeup. This Fall was all about being loud with unexpected hues, big hair & blunt bangs, creative eyeliners & elegance of hair accessories. Start scrolling down for more!

Trend: Geometric Eyeliners
Basic eyeliner has gone geometric this fall. VIvid colors & geometric shapes dominated the fall runways. For bold & dramatic looks! 

Trend: Blunt Bangs
Blunt bangs are huge this season, perfect for adding an edge to your hair. Bangs  are not only sexy, they also make you look younger. 

Trend: Reign of the Brunettes
For the first time in a long time blondes were a distinct minority on the 2012 fall runways. 

Trend: Add a Twist!
Braided around the crown, coiled half back or knotted into an updo, hair were manipulated in new directions this season. Try double fish tails & triple braids which are simple, attainable & classic! 

Trend: Bouffants 
Big, voluminous bouffants are so IN this fall. Think vintage: Sophia Loren for inspiration.

Trend: Bold Lips!
Bold lips with simplicity of bare skin created a powerful feminine statement. 

Trend: Hair Ornaments
From cosmic hair pins to ceremonial floral headpieces, this is an increase in hair accessories this fall. Endless amount of statement hair accessories turned up at multiple shows. 

Source: Elle & Vogue

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Sexy Little Things Noir Shimmer Mist | Victoria's Secret


How many of you ladies need an intro to Victoria’s Secret


Lets move forward. One of the best finds on my visit to ChicagoUS last year was the Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Shimmer Mist. I came across this huge Victoria's Secret store while randomly shopping around. It was so fabulous! And i was going around from one counter to another trying out every mist, fragrance, shimmer, body lotion etc that was catching my attention. Ahh.. 

I purchased Dream Angels Heavenly for my sis which came in a very pretty gift packing. for myself, apart from everything else I purchased Sexy Little Things Noir Shimmer Mist simply because it 'looked' so awesome. Little did I know what i was plunging into! J

Victoria's Secret Sexy little Things Noir Shimmer Mist

To start with – Sexy Little Things Noir Shimmer Mist is a Holiday Limited Edition. Admin it, the moment we hear something is a limited edition we want to go purchase it right away. Limited edition = 'rare'. This shimmer mist is a mixture of golden pink shimmer & Sexy Little Things Noir fragrance. Perfect for on-the-go beauty, the fragrance is at once elegant & playfully provocative! An enchanting Blend of sparkling nectarine, sultry amber & exotic cattelaya orchid it can be easily distinguished as: Fruity Floral. I can't recall getting more compliments for a body shimmer ever! If you come across one purchase it instantly!  

Victoria's Secret Sexy little Things Noir Shimmer Mist

This is indeed a glamorous, sheer fragrance mist. Available on EBaymist on & smooth over shoulders, legs & décolleté for a sensual luminous glow. Highly recommended for a date-night out. 

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois...

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Colors of Fall

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       Delicious Autumn! My Very Soul Is Wedded To It...

Fall is here – as I look out of my window..
That time of the year when every leaf is a flower & October’s poplars flame torches to lighten the way for winters & when leaves quietly hide the path. Autumn mornings are sunshine & crisp air. Here are a few pics to refresh your memory of this beautiful season, which is one of my favorites as its my birth season. J

Fall Colors

The Jar Lanterns

Fall Colors

Autumn Romance

Sassy Little Scarecrow Tutu Dress

Homemade version of Starbucks Pumpkin Slice Latte

Pumpkin Cupcake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting 
& Salted Caramel Drizzle

Pumpkin Gingersnap Parfait like a Pumpkin Pie in a Cup! 

Fall Fashion

Perfect for the Porch

Keep Yourself Warm..

A photo of you & your husband in all four seasons.
Same spot, same pose, different season, different clothes. 

Romantic Hangouts

Fall Bouquet 

Fall Weddings

And Weddings Décor..

And Flower Girls..

A rustic lantern..

All ending in a big fall feast!

This post is inspired by a fellow blogger Melissa’s post Autumns Here.
Do check out her really cool blog: Pretty-Little-Obsessions. 

Happy Autumn..!

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'Turkish Rose' Fragrance Diffuser


Hi again Friends!

In the past 2-3 weeks I’ve been going around the markets to find fragrance diffusers for my boss’s office & guess what? I came around the cutest scented flower diffuser ever! J

Isn’t it adorable? J

Turkish Rose

Fragrant beauty combined with the elegance of a botanical garden. This one flower diffuser came in a small crystal vase – the best part. A hand-made flower made of pith (soft, sponge like central cylinder of the stem of most flowering plants) & has a wick like that of a candle along with herbal imported fragrance from France.  All you need to do is to pour the solution in the vase. I chose ‘Turkish Rosebecause of its flaming eye catching 'red' color. Once placed in the fragrance solution, the flower will naturally absorb the scent just like the reed diffuser. In a day or two, this tiny flower changed its color from white to light pink. The aroma was OMG & this little flower showed its ‘flower power’ so well!

Turkish Rose

Turkish Rose

I must say these floral sculptures are indeed a beautiful & safe addition to lighten up your home, office or even your car. J This diffuser does not require an open flame or any heat source whatsoever. It comes in a wide variety of scents like Lavender, Iced Orange, Angel Flower, Voilet, Cologne, Ocean & Peach SpiceVisit the new Haroon’s in Super Market if you want to buy it for yourself. Also check out the link of one of the producers here.

I'll be back soon, Cheers

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