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Do you still remember the tip I gave you?
What do you do when you hear, read, & see the word "limited edition" with a product?

Yes! Go grab it!

The Body Shop "The Sparkler" in Enchanting Gold

This is The Sparkler - the name says it all! This is a limited edition atomiser by The Body Shop. I was going around in The Body Shop store as usual when I suddenly came across, behold - The Sparkler! So now I need to tell you exactly how I felt when I picked it up.

If you're a BIG fan of True Blood like myself AND have also seen the Season 5 finale can you recall what happened after Eric Northman took Russel Edgington by surprise, stakes him & takes the 1000 year old revenge? Sweet! Sookie runs out of the nightclub onto the fairy field to check onto Jason who's knocked away by fairy light & there Nora shows up too. She catches a whiff of Sookie & is.. oh enthralled! "What is that amazing smell?" Nora chases after Sookie but Eric catches her by hair & makes her swear that she won’t harm or feed on Sookie.

"But I want her.." See the longing, the desire, the thirst in her eyes. *snaps*

Okay that’s EXACTLY how I felt. So this is me in The Body Shop store & I come across The Sparkler & grab it.

Me: "What is this amazing thing?"
Salesperson: 'Maam, bla bla... bla bla bla bla...'
My Mind: 'You definitely do not need this!'
Me: "But I waaannnt it....."

And I was so right. I wanted it, rather NEEDED it. I was planning my trip to London. Never been there before, I had to get this. It was still cold & winters, London was freezing & I was really looking forward to a lot of fun & nights out. What's more dazzling that a sparkle of Enchanting Gold! The Sparkler is a spritz on highlighter & comes in a pretty clear frosted bottle with an atomiser on top. The nozzle has a cap on it to make it more secure.

The Body Shop "The Sparkler" in Enchanting Gold

To be honest, this is one of the finest, most exquisite shimmer powders I've ever come across. Enchanting Gold is a lighter gold shade & comes off really fine. The atomiser ensures an even application without getting it all over your hands & dress, great concept. I had to practice a little to get the right angle for my desired application since I was new to atomisers. It is lightly scented which feels nice & is kind of a surprise. It can be sprayed on face, hair & body. I mostly sprayed it onto my hair & arms for a mysterious hint of shimmer. I kept my makeup matte so that I do not overdo it & attention is drawn to my hair & arms too.

The best thing about The Sparkler is that it’s not loaded with glitter that transfers everywhere & to everything. It's absolutely refined & never goes too glittery. You can control the application & built it up by spraying layer after layer for more intensity. This is a great accessory for any holiday & party season but you can always keep it around for special nights out & dinner dates. The Sparkler in Enchanting Gold adds a touch of luxury & glamour to any outfit on an evening out. I can safely state that its one of my best finds, period.

The Body Shop "The Sparkler" in Enchanting Gold
The Body Shop "The Sparkler" in Enchanting Gold

The Sparkler is also available in Dazzling Copper. If you wish to find out more about it check out The Body Shop website.

Would you give it a try?

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  1. Oooo, this looks like a fun product.

    And I LOVE True Blood! Can't wait for the new season!!


    1. Do give it a try next time you're in The Body Shop store. I'm sure you'll love it. I cant wait for Season 6. I heard it's going to be on-air soon!

  2. Perfect for rocking the nightlife (:
    I feel the same about limited edition products.. Which is why you HAVE to check out my new international giveaway to win a Mac limited edition blush- Stereo Rose!

  3. Wow what a pretty, and amazing product! the bottle alone would look so pretty on my vanity! xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I always hesitate to try limited edition products, in case I fall in love with them - it's too disappointing later on when I want to replace them but can't :( However, The Sparkler does sound quite fabulous, and it looks that way, too!

    1. So true. That sure is the downside of limited editions Cee. :(

  5. OMG!!! I want this product soooo bad now!!! I really like body shimmer for night looks!
    Now I'm sad they don't sell it in my country!
    Another one for my wishlist, for when I travel :)))
    Loved this!

    1. Do try it out whenever you can. :)

  6. That looks amazing - the packaging sells it to me - do you know I have never seen an episode of True Blood, i'm beginning to think that I am missing out - really enjoyed reading this. Newest follower here. I look forward to readin gmore from you.Laura xx A Scottish Lass

    1. Really? No True Blood?
      Well if you like Vampires & want to watch some serious vampire stuff (unlike Vampire Diaries) then this is the one!

  7. I think these look really fun :) particularly during the festive season.
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-