Oriental Pampering with Imperial Leather


I love pampering!

And summers is the best time to indulge in luxury & pampering where you do not need to think twice before jumping into that pool or hitting the beach. :)

Imperial Leather - the brand is associated to my childhood. I remember the classy Imperial Leather soap bar my mom would purchase. The red packaging & angular sides made it look so exclusive & luxurious. This bar alone was enough for a complete beauty regime back then. This served as one of the reasons I picked Oriental Calm Pampering Shower Cream from Imperial Leather. By just looking at this bottle of shower cream made me recall my childhood beauty luxuries.

Oriental Calm Pampering Shower Cream by Imperial Leather

Oriental Calm Pampering Shower Cream comes in a colorful angular bottle with different shades of pink cherry blossoms on it. This luxury shower cream has two main ingredients: Cherry Blossoms & Vanilla Beans both being my favorite! Cherry Blossom is Chinese symbol of female beauty. On the other hand Vanilla Beans are known for its warm, comforting & relaxing aroma. These shower creams are thick, rich & twice as creamy as other shower creams. I have a really dry skin & it gets drier after showers. Thanks to Oriental Calm my skin feels moisturized after every shower.

The fragrance: the fragrance of Oriental Calm is just as it sounds. It's like an oriental sunrise, early morning, a little crispy, like an early morning breeze filled with cherry blossoms somewhere near.. ummm.. Mount Fuji? It's calm & relaxing. The hints of Vanilla Beans add so much texture to the fragrance without overdoing it. Overall - a truly relaxing experience. It comes at a very affordable price so do give it a try. You can choose from 5 different types from this range.

Japanese Spa
Citrus Burst
Soft Touch
Ocean Fresh
Oriental Calm
Oriental Calm Pampering Shower Cream by Imperial Leather
Oriental Calm Pampering Shower Cream by Imperial Leather

Keep calm J

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  1. Cherry flowers and vanilla beams seems a nice combo... I'd love to try something like this!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. I might have to try this - looks lush! Great post and thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

  3. I wish I could try this. Love cherry blossom and vanilla scent. Too bad we don't have that brand over here too <3


    1. Aww.. maybe you can grab one if you're travelling around. :)

  4. This looks like it would smell so nice. I definitely want to try!


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  6. This sounds lovely! I love bath and body products and who can resist the nice scents?!


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