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Hello Lovely ladies,

Jewelry says a lot about who we are. People can wear a single piece of jewelry for a life time, like wedding bands without taking it off. It become a part of them. I'm not too fond of wearing regular jewelry pieces. In routine days I'd prefer to wear my favorite watch instead of a bracelet. I'd leave my earlobes empty instead of wearing those ear studs. I've put my gold chain in my jewelry box where I like it most. But having said all this I still need to mention I love contemporary jewelry. Even though traditional, more basic jewelry designs are very elegant at times but if I had to choose I'd pick a more modern, contemporary design.

I have long loved the looks of Tiffany Keys Necklaces but I recently came across a label that took my attention. The first time I saw Monica Vinader jewelry I was stunned. The designs are absolutely beautiful! I was so impressed that I thought I would share this on my blog though I haven't done a jewelry post ever or even own any piece from this brand yet.

Monica Vinader's award winning jewelry is oozing with understated glamour. The label is inspired by the Spanish designer's passion for gems and pearls, nature and travel. Launched in 2002 the vision was to create beautiful jewelry that was affordable. I am in love with her iconic luxury friendship bracelets. Some of these bracelets are set in Sterling Silver which are very cute but I particularly like the ones in 18ct Gold Plated on Sterling Silver and studded with precious gems. All these bracelets are elegant pieces of jewelry and hold a grown-up feel that is modern and sophisticated. But the collections are not limited to bracelets. These include rings, pendants, necklaces and pendants too. Perfectly bridging the gap between fashion and fine jewelry, Monica Vinader's eponymous brand has garnered a cult following! The jewelry is simple yet striking.

 Monica Vinader Jewelry

 Monica Vinader Jewelry

My Personal Favorites & Top Picks!


I have so many favourites from Monica Vinader collections but I love the Rio and Fiji collection which are also one of the brand's most popular collection. I love these bracelets because they are playful yet sophisticated version of friendship bracelets. I'm sure everyone in their teens went through a friendship band phase and it's so embedded in our memories. These bracelets bring those memories back in a grown up style. The difference between the two is that Fiji Friendship Bracelets have a luscious curve of 18 karat yellow gold vermeil an adjustable, vibrantly colored silk cord while Rio Friendship Bracelets is a composite of 18 karat gold vermeil balls wrapped with twined silk. Both are super gorgeous!

Another favorite of mine from the Fiji Collection of bracelets is the iconic Fiji Chain Friendship Bracelet. These bracelets have a sleek chain instead of the silk cord along with the original clasp for smooth fastening. I love the rose gold plated bracelets from this collection which looks chic worn with multiple bracelets. These bracelets make the perfect gift for friends. If you fancy diamonds then Fiji Full Diamond Chain Friendship Bracelet is the ultimate piece for you. The bracelet is either Sterling Silver, Gold or Rose Gold plated and the bar is luxuriously set with pave diamonds.

My most favorite earrings have to be the Riva Diamond Cocktail Earrings. These are super chic, two tiered wire drop earrings are perfect for both day and night. I'd love to wear these on formal dinners and also would look gorgeous on romantic nights. Encased in 18 ct Gold Plated Vermeil on Silver Sterling the delicate diamond pave hoops and organic shaped multi-faceted Lemon Quartz look absolutely stunning and glamorous. Riva collection is inspired by shoreline and glamour of Italian Riviera. It relates to the flowing, wave like setting of gems that give this collection a distinctive look.
Riva Diamond Cocktail Earrings £450

Just like everything else from Monica Vinader jewelry it is so hard to choose which rings I like most. There is a large collection of rings to choose from. The rings and bands are contemporary yet classic. Each ring is unique by virtue of different stone variation that make up the band. I love how different gems like Amethyst, Green Chrysoprase, Blue Lapis (another fav!), White Topaz, Grey Agate, Labradorite and Moon Stone etc make up the chic assortment. I love the Riva Stick Ring in Lemon Quartz which goes perfectly with my favorite Riva Diamond Cocktail Earrings.

RIVA Collection: RIVA Stick Ring in Lemon Quartz £120  //   Stack Em' ! 
BAJA Ring Turquoise £130  //   BAJA Collection 
 Stack Em' ! 
Monica Vinader's Baja Collection has some of my favorite rings. This collection plays along strong lines and geometric shapes. With all the glamour of 1920's Art Deco, this is a timeless collection of cocktail and stacking rings along with very elegant gem-set bracelets. I'm in love with the beautiful Green Oxyn ring which looks great in any form - solo or stacked with other rings for that signature look. So does the Lapis ring from the same collection. The details focuses around strong shapes and precision cuts and makes this collection really stand out. You can also create your own unique stack of rings using the Ring Stacker Tool for a more personalised look. This tool helps you stack and preview your favorite combinations before they can make their way to your fingers. Shop the post by visiting and browsing the Monica Vinader website.

So what do you think about the brand? What kind of jewelry do you like?

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  1. I totally agree with you! :) I also love these jewelries.


  2. I love Monica Vinader jewellery, in fact I did a post on some of the pieces I bought there a while ago

  3. Love the emerald green and blues they look great on. Such fun pieces to play with and work with in your outfit. CHeck out fashion blog

  4. ooh i love her more unusual designs!very cool!she does some really cute bracelets!when i was a teenager i used to adorn my wrists with heaps of bracelets and i would always jump at the chance to own unusual ones:)xx

  5. I love the adult take on the friendship bracelet. They are so gorgeous. I'd stack a bunch of different colors for a chic but laid-back look. The stacking rings are gorgeous too. Thanks for introducing me to this brand!

    xx, TT

  6. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  7. I love her jewellery! The bracelets are my favourite and the colours are so fun. x

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