Happy October 2014!

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Things I plan to do this Autumn!

Be outdoors
Host a bonfire
Drink apple cinnamon tea
Bake walnut cake
Visit a pumpkin patch
Explore local festivals 
Go on a road trip
Do something crafty
Explore autumn colors
Go hiking
Watch a sunset
Have a board game day
Lots of photography of autumn colors
Take a dip in fresh spring water!
Paint nails in autumn inspired shades
Make dry tomato powder from fresh tomatoes

Things I love about Autumn

 Leaves changing colors ♥ Lots of cuddling ♥ Rain on the roof  ♥ Preparing for Christmas ♥ Freshly baked walnut cake  Apple Cinnamon tea ♥ Movies & popcorn on Friday nights ♥ Soup for dinner ♥ Warm porch lights  Spice lattes ♥ Hot chocolate with brownie ♥ Scented candles ♥ Scarves & mittens ♥ Apple picking  Trick or treat ♥ Corn fields ♥ Crispy mornings ♥ Cinnamon rolls ♥ Frosted rain  Full moon  Pumpkins

I have already fulfilled many from my Things I plan to do this Autumn! list.
What are you planning to do this autumn?

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1 comment:

  1. This is such a nice post, great idea! :D