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Hi Lovelies!

Behold - my favorite fragrance of 2015!

"Modern Muse" by Estee Lauder is a lush floral, woody fragrance that stole my heart! In my recent post I mentioned how the brand Estee Lauder brings sweet memories from the past. My first ever designer fragrance was Intuition which is one of my favorite fragrances as well. I still remember how I enjoyed every bit of that fragrance. It was a spicy, oriental fragrance which complimented by personality and gave me a lot of confidence. Later on, I "developed feelings" for the brand and tried many fragrances like Pleasures, Pleasures Intense, Pure White Linen which are light and easy-to-wear.

"Modern Muse" by Estee Lauder

"B e   a n   i n s p i r a t i o n ... "

Love at first sight - the bottle is cute as a button. Perfectly dressed for all times, the bottle has a cute 3D bow in navy shade on its spray. It is a transparent bottle otherwise and comes in a modern and beautiful blush pink box with the bottle draw on it. Notice how the bow looks so real with that gold shade! The bottle itself is such an attractive addition to your vanity.
Be an inspiration. Experience the fragrance that captures your style, your confidence, your creative spirit. An alluring contrast of sparkling florals and sleek woods. Two distinctively different accords - Jasmine Accord and Sleek Woods Accord - provide an intriguing dual impression. It's a true innovation in fragrance design, as complex and fascinating as the woman who inspires it. - Estee Lauder
"Modern Muse" by Estee Lauder
"Modern Muse" by Estee Lauder
"Modern Muse" by Estee Lauder
"Modern Muse" by Estee Lauder

The new fragrance concept by Estee Lauder is based on the dual impression of two contrasting accords - floral and woody. I personally love woody fragrances but this unique blend of sparkling florals and sleek woods is as sensuous as you can imagine. The first ever spray I made on my wrist once I un-boxed the bottle of Modern Muse by Estee Lauder took me years back to my school days instantly. I still, to date, have not forgotten the beautiful and warm fragrance of my favorite flower, Sweet Peas which were in abundance at our school garden. I would walk around that areas multiple times just to smell the sweet fragrance of these spring blooms. Though Modern Muse does not smell much like Sweet Peas, it sure brought back those exciting memories. Personally, I would prefer to keep this fragrance for spring time but I love to admit that I had to put away my Coco Mademoiselle just to enjoy this scent a bit more. 

Modern Muse by Estee Lauder is for a confident, inspiring and independent woman. She is soft and strong yet dynamic. Without saying a word, she inspires everyone with her presence. To be honest, I can wear this fragrance everywhere - office, parties, date, dinner, formal events, even to bed! A tiny spray on my wrists before going to sleep and I wake up smelling like heaven! Did I mention it is also one of the few fragrances I received most compliments on? Yes and that too for the opposite sex. *ahem* 

Dating Tip: Spray your hair brush with a spritz of your favorite fragrance and then brush your hair with it for that lingering fragrance. 

Did I convince you enough? 

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  1. This sounds gorgeous and that bottle is lovely too, I do love a pretty perfume bottle sitting on my drawers.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. This perfume sounds lovely. Gorgeous photos.