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Bonjour les belles dames! :)

We all luuuuuuuv gifts especially when they show up at the right time! Yes.. Another spring/summer perfume to my collection is CK in2u Her. Apparently, this was the first 'duo' launched by Calvin Klein instead of unisex fragrances. The trendy pair is intended specifically for young generation. 

CK in2u Her

CK in2u Her speaks to a new generation that is emboldened sexuality & is freed by technology to connect anywhere at any time, the “no commitment” generation. ( ahem! ) 
The bottle is graphic & urban. It’s a contrast between the milk-white glass & pale-gold transparent bottom. The fragrance is fresh & floral with a woody oriental base. 

CK in2u Her

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. The overall feel is ‘young’, ‘modern’, ‘sexy’ & ‘spontaneous’. I personally feel its fresh enough for the warm summer days yet the warm combination of base notes are sparkling enough for a casual evening out. 

This is definitely one of my recommended summer fragrances!

CK in2u Her

Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit Fizz, Redcurrant Leaves & Sicilian Bergamot
Heart Notes: Burst of Sugar Orchid & White Cactus
Base Notes: Red Cedar, Neon Amber & Vanilla Souffle

Wishing you sweet smelling moments.. 


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