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Bonjour belles dames..!

It is such a good feeling when a friend suggests you to try something out & when you do that you cherish the moment you took their advice.

A good friend of mine (Kanwal Abad :) ) recently suggested trying out a shampoo that she purchased from The Body Shop. She found it after a painstaking search for a shampoo that could tame her natural ‘Shakira’ hair (as I call them :p), which suffered the usual damage after a hair straightening treatment. She just couldn’t stop praising it every time we met up. This made me a little curious since I had not tried a hair range from The Body Shop. Hence, on my next visit I picked up a shampoo from their range – Rainforest Hair Care.

The Body Shop RAINFOREST SHINE Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair

The ‘Eco-Conscious Rainforest Hair Care’ is a new range of hair products by The Body Shop for normal, colored, dry, damaged & oily hair. I chose the Rainforest SHINE Shampoo because I wanted to restore the moisture of my hair & improve hair softness without weighing it down. 

The first time I tried it that evening; texture was not too thick, colorless & transparent with a nice natural, mild, fragrance – kind of ‘spicy’. The lather was just the right amount when you massage it on your scalp. As I rinsed I felt an instant softness in my hair. I did not use a conditioner to see how the shampoo works on its own. Once my hair started drying out naturally I couldn’t believe how soft, shiny & tangle free they felt without even using a brush!

The Body Shop RAINFOREST SHINE Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair

The results are out! Super SOFT, brilliant SHINE & SMOOTH texture! 10/10!

The Body Shop RAINFOREST SHINE Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair

But hey! If you thought this was the only reason for me to admire this amazing range, there’s more to add. The ‘Eco-Conscious Hair Care’ contains no silicones (product to make your hair feel silky), parabens or colorants (so that you could see the real color of the formula). It’s an effort to meet The Body Shop’s eco-conscious standards which are:
  • to show respect to the aquatic environment (by carefully choosing non-toxic raw materials), 
  • is biodegradable (a substance is biodegradable if more than 60% of it is broken down into simpler chemicals within 28 days by living organisms) & 
  • the packaging uses recycled plastic (in order to use less virgin plastic).

The Body Shop RAINFOREST SHINE Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair

Moreover, to celebrate the launch of this new Rainforest Hair Care range, The Body Shop also worked with the World Land Trust to secure an area of land in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest which will form part of a permanent nature reserve. The reserve will help protect thousands of trees threatened by deforestation & 450 wildlife species including the critically endangered wooly spider monkeys, of which there are only 1,300 left in the world.

Follow here to discover your regime & find out more on this range. 
Water is the HEART of our planet. Consider what you wash down the drain & help make a difference – The Body Shop

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