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Beauty Lesson No 1NEVER underestimate the importance of an eyelash curler!

Our eyelashes grow at the edge of our eyelids & are sensitive to being ‘touched’. These protect our eyes from dust & provide a warning when an object, insect or dust is close to the eyes, which are then closed reflexively. Long eyelashes are considered a sign of beauty & femininity in many cultures. It has been a standard of beauty since ancient times. Accordingly, women seek to enhance their eyelashes in many ways using lash extensions, fake lashes & so on. For people like me who have short lashes & do not wish to go to drastic lengths to enhance their lashes, despair not, help is on its way. :)

Beauty Tools: Eye Lash Curler

One of my most favorite beauty tools is an eyelash curler. I was looking for one ever since I lost the rubber pad of previous one I had. Being an Oriflame Consultant  I feel the need to try out their products from time to time so that it’s easier for me to give inputs to my clients. With my last order I purchased their eyelash curler & boy did I hit a jackpot! Firstly, it came in a very nice transparent plastic packaging. The deep plum rubber pad looked so neat with that ultra-smooth finish which reflected light so well. The cutest part – a tiny Oriflame logo in the middle! :) I wanted to use it after I do the photo-shoot but out of curiosity I just took it out of my handbag while on my way to work to check it out. The moment I curled my lashes I felt something really different about it but I just could understand what it was. It took me no more than a few seconds to realize that it’s actually the width of the curler itself! This eyelash curler is wider than your regular curler! It catches each lash from the inside corner of the eye to the outside & leaves each lash beautifully lifted & curled. The extra width also helps prevent pinching of the eyelids. Plus it comes with a replacement rubber pad attached to its handle.

Beauty Tools: Eye Lash Curler

Just under Rs. 300 this is an affordable & a must-have for anyone who wants to invest in beauty tools without worrying about their budget. 

Beauty Tools: Eye Lash Curler

Beauty Tools: Eye Lash Curler

To create those glamour eye lashes, first curl your lashes a couple of times to create a soft, natural curl. Next apply two coats of mascara. My favorite is the DMGM New 3 Step Mascara. And that’s it! This not only opens up your eyes & makes them look bigger, brighter but it also adds mystery & that drama to your eye makeup. Do try it out & let me know how it worked for you.

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois amoureux..!

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  1. I have used this curler as well..it really gives a nice smooth curl to your lashes