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Hi most beautifuls!

So you thought it would take me ages to try out the Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Burdock Extract Purifying Clay Mask I ordered last week? Wrong! :p To be honest I apparently tried it out in the evening the day I received it (yea, I was excited :$).

Why Burdock? Well I chose Burdock over Jasmine White Tea because I LOVE clay masks though I could have also tried Jasmine peel-off which is formulated for normal to combination skin. In my teens, I used to make home made masks using fuller's earth & egg white. Fuller's earth is a natural skin toner & cleanser & also improves blood circulation. But the best thing about it is the soothing, cool effect it gave the skin. Since that time I've been fond of clay masks for their relaxing effect.

Burdock, a prickly plant of Thistle family is native to the Eastern hemisphere. Its usually recognized by its lovely purple flowers. The root of Burdock has been used in traditional Chinese folk medicines & is found to be very useful in natural skin & hair care. It has astringent & antibacterial properties but is mostly used for its skin soothing benefits & treatment of acne. 

Love at first sight! The adorable pastel pink tube contains 50ml of this magic clay. It has a comparatively small opening for controlled usage. The clay mask is white in color with medium texture & is one of the sweetest smelling of all clay masks I've used to date, Period. It kind of reminded me of Yardley English Rose Talc Perfume the moment I opened it. Amazingly beautiful aroma! 

Easy to apply, this Pure Nature Organic Burdock Extract Purifying Clay Mask will give you a spa like experience as it relaxes your mind while gently pampering your skin giving it an instant boost & flowery glow! Highly recommended by me, add this to your weekend beauty regime as a must & don't forget to update me as well! <3 

À bientôt..!

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