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Hi again Sweethearts..

Fall is around the corner as I look out of my window towards a cloudy sky. And it’s been a while I wrote a review on my fragrances. So before its fall I want to make sure I’m out of those last few fruity, summer fragrances. J Today I chose Jennifer Lopez’s Live Luxe

Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe

Jennifer Lopez’s Live Luxe came out in 2006 a year after the original Live which is a spring-time, energetic, fruity floral. My first J Lo perfume was Glow After Dark gift set that came with a really cute evening-date purse. Live Luxe however is a bolder, stronger, fruitier version of the original. The top note is the fruitiest I've ever experienced! Even the florals in the middle notes are vibrant which add to the overly glamorous & glittery appeal. This fragrance is fruity in essence; it’s young, sparkling, sweet & delicious. This is definitely a head turner & wants you to be the center of attention! The only con I see is that it may be overpowering for some ladies.

I luv the box which is very shiny & covered with glitter, kind of gives you a hint of what’s inside. J Equally glamorous is the bottle inside with its reflective design, red cap & Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe written around the rim of the bottle. It has more vibrant, brighter colors as compared to the original Live. Turn it every 60 degrees & you see a new color!

Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe
Yellow Topaz
Midnight Blue
Red Ruby

Live Luxe is like Miami in a bottle – you can’t smell it without thinking of summers & sand, white beaches & long nights. If you’re into fruity fragrances on the bolder side this one is definitely for you. Drop by to check it out as I carry it with me all the time. ;)

Top Notes: Juicy Pear & Peach
Middle Notes: Amethystfreesia, Muguet Petals
Base Notes: Diamond Musk, Soft Amber

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