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Hi Lovelies,

As you already know, I am obsessed with The Body Shop products especially their Skincare and Bath & Body. I am always looking forward to their new range of products. On a recent visit to one of The Body Shop stores around me I wanted to have a little look at their delicious range Chocomania!

The Body Shop' Chocomania range was launched around Valentines – perfect timings.  If you love chocolates you would love this range. Since I’m not a compulsive buyer (yep) I am very careful about what I need so I chose the Chocomania Mini Hearts Soaps. These are the most adorable things ever!  The moment I laid my eyes on them I couldn’t take them off. These came in a chocolate coloured packaging from the back and a transparent sheet on the front. Each pack had four of these cute little soap hearts. I also noticed a single heart shaped soap which was equally adorable and bigger in size. After giving it a thought I went for the packaging of four.

The Body Shop Chocomania Mini Heart Soaps
The Body Shop Chocomania Mini Heart Soaps

Why I bought The Body Shop' s Chocomania Mini Heart Soaps? Well first off I prefer soaps over face washes. I just feel my skin reciprocates better when I wash it with soap than with a liquid or cream face wash. Secondly, I needed a gentle exfoliating as well since the weather is changing now and the skin getting a little dry and rough. This looked like the perfect ones for me since these had little dark exfoliating beads in them. These mini soaps are part of my everyday skincare regime. I lather up, wash thoroughly and rinse. The results are amazing – clean, fresh and soft skin every time.

Chocomania Mini Heart Soaps contain real cocoa butter hence these are so soft on the skin. While I was shooting photos for the post I could actually feel the soap melting in my hands! It felt so buttery and smooth. The tiny black beads, almost like poppy seeds are actually coconut shell added to the soap for gentle exfoliating. I love it when the soap gets smaller and more and more of these beads appear while I lather up. Lastly, the fragrance is very mild. It is woody with a hint of cocoa butter which makes it an exotic combination. This makes these little heart soaps so luxurious! For me these are a definite re-purchase. 

The Body Shop Chocomania Mini Heart Soaps
The Body Shop Chocomania Mini Heart Soaps
The Body Shop Chocomania Mini Heart Soaps

I think these are a perfect gift for Valentines and Mother’s Day. If you are a big time chocolate fanatic this is the range for YOU!

Which The Body Shop's range are you loving these days?
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  1. I would even buy these for christmas, as it is coming soon. They sound amazing, and my sister loves chocolate, so these are likely going to be one of my gifts for her :)

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

  2. They look so pretty! definitely a nice gift!

  3. How cute they are!!!
    Good to know that they work well on the face skin... I could just image the nice sensation of these soaps ^-^

  4. These are adorable! Love that there in a heart shape. Make sure to check out fashion blog

  5. These look soo cute and i bet they smell great :) xx

  6. They look so cute! I love the body shop so much :)


  7. Totally agree, the cutest soaps I have ever seen!

    Debra Bros Blog

  8. They just look gorgeous, good enough to eat!!

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |