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Hi Lovelies,

One of my most favorite range from Scents of The World by The Body Shop is the Japanese Cherry Blossom range (followed by Madagascan Vanilla Flower). After trying and absolutely adoring everything from this range I came across this adorable jar of Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume Oil is a very interesting way. It happened when one of my close friends stepped into my office wearing this lovely fragrance. Since I'm a big admirer of bold fragrance (and this being a perfume oil) I couldn't stop asking her what fragrance she was wearing. Out came the cutest little bottle with pink tag around the neck. I said to myself if I loved Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist I would definitely adore this one too which was me trying to persuade myself in a way for the purchase. So when I went to purchase Moringa Body Butter I went ahead and got this tiny one too for myself.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume Oil by The Body Shop
Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume Oil by The Body Shop

Scents of The World Collection was launched by The Body Shop to capture the exotic scents from around the globe. Previously when I purchased Japanese Cherry Blossom range I couldn't resist the romantic, captivating fragrance of cherry blossom - Sakura. The beauty of this delicate flower has always inspired me. So much so that I had used its images as background of my blog too. Cherry trees in full bloom are a mesmerising sight and so is the Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume Oil. It comes in a small 15ml jar clear jar with a cute pink cherry blossom tag which confirms its alcohol-free nature. Its a concentrated perfume oil infused with the fragrance of Japanese cherry blossoms. You do not need a lot rather just a bit on the right places especially the pulse points.

Before I go ahead and share how wonderful an experience purchasing this little jar was I want to share a funny (really?) incident. For the post photos I thought it would be better to take photos outdoors in my garden. Sun was out and the weather was pleasant making it a perfect day for photographs. I was trying my best to place the bottle in different corners to get a nice, clear photograph. One of the walls of my garden is fully covered with creepers and makes a great location for such photos (check this post!). Hence I placed the bottle there and *click click click*. Now as I was trying to move it around a bit to shoot from different angles it fell off the wall out in the street. Would you even believe it if I'd tell you I searched for it for hours literally! Under those piles of crisp leaves, under the neighbours car, behind trees, around the garden, inside, outside - the bottle was 'nowhere' to be found. Nobody could have taken it away as the street was empty. It could not have fell too far out as the wall is hardly five feets tall. Out of desperation and because I was only in the middle of the photoshoot, I asked my mom, sister, aunt to help me out so all four of us were searching for it. My brother, dad and uncle also joined the hunt but to no avail. 'The bottle mysteriously disappeared' as I'd like to call it before I officially started using it. Haha..

Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume Oil by The Body Shop
 Had a great fall..?

Nevertheless, it's only a matter of purchasing a new one on my next visit to the store. I may have lost the bottle but I cannot forget the fragrance. It was like an escape to Japan with cherry blossoms. I would like to call it a beautiful, romantic fragrance with a captivating blend of floral and hinoki wood accords inspired by a spring day in Kyoto or for that matter all the possible locations known for Sakura in Japan. Did you know that cherry blossoms only bloom for a week!? Also that spring time in Japan is magical as the land is filled with these pink blooms between late March and mid April. People from around the world come to see this pink flower blanket the country in soft, colorful splendor. So next time you or a friend asks for an advice for that perfect romantic destination abroad tell them to visit Japan during spring time and take along Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume Oil to complete the package.

Which one of the range from  from The Body Shop Scents of The World collection you like the most?
Let me know why you like it.

Purchase online @ £ 7.00
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  1. Oh how much I love the body shop...
    This looks absolutely stunning <3

    Oh, I have a giveaway at the moment! Would love you to enter. Kelly from |Daydreams & Daisychains

  2. The pictures are fantastic! Loved it all.. But too bad it got lost before you could even use it! These pics will always be the only memory of this lil bottle lol (: oh and I went to Japan once but it was in the summer (too hot n humid) and still looooved it! And I hope and pray someday I get to visit it during spring

    1. Thanks lovely! Always great to see you!

  3. GORGEOUS photos!! I'm so sorry you lost it though before you could really use it! Kinda hilarious, but also really sucky at the same time!!


  4. Wonderful post and what amazing photos Sarah! :) Cherries are my favourtie fruit so of course I also love this The Body Shop range! I am very tempted to get this oil now. :) X


  5. I shouldn't laugh but that is pretty funny! Poor you!

    I've never actually had a whiff of any of the Body Shop perfumes so will have to go in and have a look x

  6. I have the orange blossom one .. it's lovely.

    Oh, my that's a funny story about the lost bottle .. you'll probably find it a month or so later and think ~ there it is!

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  7. £7? That's cheap! Haha. DO love the body shop, the scents they make their stuff smell is amazing!

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  8. Hey! I've some awesome news for you! I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award! Check out my blog for more details!
    Have an awesome day!

  9. I have no idea how Japanese Cherry Blossoms smell but you got me all excited. I can't wait to try this. I'm so sorry that your bottle disappeared. Sh.. like that always happens.

    xx Mira


  10. I really liked the Japanese Cherry Blossom body butter so I'm sure the oil smells amazing!


  11. Sounds like a lovely fragrance!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  12. I have tried this at the store and love it too.. too bad you lost that bottle :(