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Hi Lovelies,

After trying Chance (the original) from Chanel sometime in the past few years my love for this old flame suddenly awakened. Being a Libra, I'm bound to collect pretty objects and admire (physical) beauty. And beauty is much more than mere makeup. So I took the opportunity (= chance!) to admire this fragrance once again. I ended up picking the newer version Chance Eau Tendre this time which took me a little by surprise. This fragrance is a modern, almost classy and summery version of Chanel.

Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel
Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel

Chance Eau Tendre is a romantic and newer version (along with Chance Eau Fraiche) of Chance the original fragrance by Chanel. It comes in a pretty pink packaging with a simple, sophisticated round bottle and a square cap. If you have been into Chanel perfumes you would definitely and at once notice the difference. While most Chanel fragrance are classy and different, one spray and you feel this one is a fruity-floral interpretation of the original Chance. Grapefruit is the key note here with a hint of Jasmine and white musk that lingers on.

But that's not all. Chance Eau Tendre smells younger and lively! Definitely for those 'young at heart' (ages is just a number remember). My personal preference when it comes to fragrances is warm-spicy-woody scents. Yet I do not prefer to wear warm fragrances all the time. I prefer something fresh, clean and floral during day time especially in summers. I think this will smell equally great in spring when colors start to show up everywhere. I think it slightly resembles Bright Crystal by Versace, yet it is not like Bright Crystal if you know what I mean. I also overheard someone saying it slightly resembles Daisy by Marc Jacobs (can anyone confirm?). Since I haven't tried that I can't really say but I believe all fruity florals fragrances have some or the other in common.

Even though the one fragrance I received most compliments on is also a Chanel - Allure SensuelleChance Eau Tendre is definitely my favorite for this summers and I cannot recommend it enough.

Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel
Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel

Which is your current favorite summer fragrance?

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Selfridges  ||  £79.00 (100ml) / £55.00 (50ml)
           Boots ||  £78.50 (100ml) or 7850 points / £54.50 (50ml) or 5450 points 

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  1. Chanel Chance is one of my all time favourite perfumes - love it, will definately check this out next time I'm shopping. If you get the chance to be near a Chanel store, try Chanel Beige - its amazing!! xx

  2. looks and sounds a gorgeous fragrance! :-) Thanks for sharing xx

  3. I much prefer this fragrance to the original Chanel Chance, but only because it seems a little younger and fresher. My only regret was buying the small bottle!
    xo Kirsty

  4. This sounds lovely, definitely going to give it a try. xx