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Summers or winters, I love to pamper myself with shower creams that would leave my skin soft and fresh. I often mention on my blog about Nivea being one of my favorite brands when it comes to shower gels and creams. I have reviewed Harmony Time (my most favorite) and Double Effect in the past and both turned out to be amazingly refreshing.

This time I chose Nivea Coconut Cream Shower Cream. It comes in a convenient plastic packaging with a blue flip cap like other shower creams from this range. The consistency is medium to light and I suppose a little less creamy than the other two shower creams I had tried in the past from the same range. It smells nice, light coconut fragrance and not at all overpowering. The creamy formula contains Jojoba oil which ensures to leave your skin smooth and moisturised. In the shower it lathers so well just as expected! This rich lather combined with the light coconut fragrance and the tendency to wash off excessive oil and dirt makes this a very good shower cream. It does not leave my skin dry after the shower which is another plus point to it.

Coconut Cream Shower Cream by Nivea
Coconut Cream Shower Cream by Nivea

During summers I skip using body lotion after a shower and it a great help when my body wash/shower gel/shower cream does not leave my skin dry and patchy. Nevertheless, there are times when it is very hot and I skip the shower cream. Instead I deliberately use soap to get this dry feeling skin after the shower because heat, oil and sweat becomes so irritating and I just want to get rid of it asap!

When it comes to shower creams or fragrances I just stick to one and buy a new one only when I run out of these. I'm more experimental with shower creams than I am with fragrances. Off course if you end up with an amazing aroma during your shower there's nothing more relaxing than that after a tiring day's routine. Coming back to Nivea Coconut Cream, I personally think with the affordable price tag it comes with this is a very good shower cream to try. So do go for it if you come across it next time while looking for shower creams. Let me know how did you find it in the shower.

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  1. I love coconut stuff, guess I need to try this! - Olivia :)

  2. Mmmm, I love coconut scented products. xx


  3. It looks great, I love coconut! :)

  4. Great products.