My #Christmas Nails | Maybelline's Crushed Candy & Gold's Night Out

Hi lovelies,

My Christmas look is absolutely incomplete without pretty nails. I am so bored of pale, frosty shades of white, silver, blues etc. I need the brightest, the most glitter-bomb kind of shades that lift my spirit in this extremely frosty weather! But then I want it to be economical as well. I don't want it to be heavy on my wallet. My search ended at the Maybelline's counter where I found exactly the kind of shades I was looking for. Instead of one, I picked two very pretty shades.

Maybelline's Crushed Candy & Gold's Night Out Nail Polishes
Maybelline's Crushed Candy & Gold's Night Out Nail Polishes
Maybelline's Crushed Candy & Gold's Night Out Nail Polishes

Crushed Candy is a beautiful pink from Maybelline's Color Show range that will remind you of Barbie and everything girly. It's a delicious, hot pink with a good amount of fuchsia and violet shimmer. It requires at least 3 coats to make itself stand out. It is one of my favorites pink nail polishes ever. The second nail polish Gold's Night Out is from Maybelline's Color Show Sequins range. It's a mixture of regular gold glitter, holographic gold glitter and very tiny specs of gritty gold glitter. The combination is beautiful and comparatively really easy to apply. This polish is a sparkle-bomb! This is one of the best party nail polishes ever! 

I created a cuter version by gliter-fying only one finger to create a balance. 
What do you think? 

Available ONLINE
Boots | £ 2.99 or 299 points
Superdrug | £ 2.99

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  1. I love both shades, your nails look beautiful ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. 'Gold's night out' looks gorgeous, really been loving the glittery shades recently! xx