'Winterize' Your Nails with Julep

Hi Lovelies,

Nails are a MUST if you want to look your best this holiday season. With so much hustle and bustle going on and so many options to look into when it comes to nails, you might need a bit of an advice on what to do and which options to explore. Want to make your hands look super gorgeous? First, start your nail care regime right away with these Julep* easy-to-do DIY steps.


Done with that? Let's move on to the second step, the more exciting one. If I have to choose from the range of beautiful nail polishes I would definitely pick Julep Birthstone Collection 2014 from the Holiday 2014 Collection. Are you looking for more reasons to love the gorgeous glitter of birthstones? Great news is that these 12-pieces per box nail polishes double the charms just like the stones that inspired them. Not just that, all of these beautiful shades are powered by breathable Oxygen Technology to keep your nails healthy. Julep Birthstone Collection 2014

Julep Birthstone Collection 2014

From Betty (Garnet for January) to Savannah (Blue Topaz for December) these gorgeous shade will leave you mesmerized for the entire holiday season this year. And then there is MY birthstone too Julie (Pink Tourmaline for October). To be honest, it is so hard to just pick and choose one from the  Julep Birthstone Collection 2014 range and call it my favorite. I also appreciate how vast the color palette is from blue to red to green. The best part is - this collection makes a perfect holiday present as well which does not need any wrapping paper. It comes in a ready-to-gift box with a paper vellum insert that introduces the entire collection. So go ahead! Shop this perfect gift this season for your friends, your girl, wifey or mom!

Julep Birthstone Collection 2014

How have you winterized your nails this festive season?

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  1. After this post, I'll make sure I give my nails what they deserve!
    Great post!

    Coco xx


  2. Great tips, and I love all of the polishes! :)
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  3. Those are some beautiful polishes. I'll have to try "winterizing" my nails. :)

    xx Nicole Rose