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How many of you ladies need an intro to Victoria’s Secret


Lets move forward. One of the best finds on my visit to ChicagoUS last year was the Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Shimmer Mist. I came across this huge Victoria's Secret store while randomly shopping around. It was so fabulous! And i was going around from one counter to another trying out every mist, fragrance, shimmer, body lotion etc that was catching my attention. Ahh.. 

I purchased Dream Angels Heavenly for my sis which came in a very pretty gift packing. for myself, apart from everything else I purchased Sexy Little Things Noir Shimmer Mist simply because it 'looked' so awesome. Little did I know what i was plunging into! J

Victoria's Secret Sexy little Things Noir Shimmer Mist

To start with – Sexy Little Things Noir Shimmer Mist is a Holiday Limited Edition. Admin it, the moment we hear something is a limited edition we want to go purchase it right away. Limited edition = 'rare'. This shimmer mist is a mixture of golden pink shimmer & Sexy Little Things Noir fragrance. Perfect for on-the-go beauty, the fragrance is at once elegant & playfully provocative! An enchanting Blend of sparkling nectarine, sultry amber & exotic cattelaya orchid it can be easily distinguished as: Fruity Floral. I can't recall getting more compliments for a body shimmer ever! If you come across one purchase it instantly!  

Victoria's Secret Sexy little Things Noir Shimmer Mist

This is indeed a glamorous, sheer fragrance mist. Available on EBaymist on & smooth over shoulders, legs & décolleté for a sensual luminous glow. Highly recommended for a date-night out. 

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois...

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  1. I love Victoria secrets products, in so jealous!! Xx

    1. Me too, such a temptation..! Could spend my entire wallet on VS.

      You should check out '12 Gifts of Sexy' on their site..!