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Fall 2012 Hottest Beauty Trends  

Hello gurls!

Today's post is a review of the hottest fall beauty trendfrom 2012 fall runways.  Forget no-makeup makeup. This Fall was all about being loud with unexpected hues, big hair & blunt bangs, creative eyeliners & elegance of hair accessories. Start scrolling down for more!

Trend: Geometric Eyeliners
Basic eyeliner has gone geometric this fall. VIvid colors & geometric shapes dominated the fall runways. For bold & dramatic looks! 

Trend: Blunt Bangs
Blunt bangs are huge this season, perfect for adding an edge to your hair. Bangs  are not only sexy, they also make you look younger. 

Trend: Reign of the Brunettes
For the first time in a long time blondes were a distinct minority on the 2012 fall runways. 

Trend: Add a Twist!
Braided around the crown, coiled half back or knotted into an updo, hair were manipulated in new directions this season. Try double fish tails & triple braids which are simple, attainable & classic! 

Trend: Bouffants 
Big, voluminous bouffants are so IN this fall. Think vintage: Sophia Loren for inspiration.

Trend: Bold Lips!
Bold lips with simplicity of bare skin created a powerful feminine statement. 

Trend: Hair Ornaments
From cosmic hair pins to ceremonial floral headpieces, this is an increase in hair accessories this fall. Endless amount of statement hair accessories turned up at multiple shows. 

Source: Elle & Vogue

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  1. Waiting for the Christmas post

  2. Please write something related to contact lenses also

    1. Thank you Rachel :)

      I will definitely write a review on contact lenses. Anything in particular you would like to know? :)

      Keep visiting.

  3. Like i have brown hair so what do you suggest for me..i really want to buy lenses for myself but what if it doesn't suit me. Just need you view.

  4. I love the bold eyeliner trend! Great post. x

    1. Thanks for visiting!

      I luv the hair ornaments & bold eyeliners. Bold eyeliner works perfectly to balance my big, bulgy eyes. :)

      Just visited your blog & its absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work!