Apple Magic...

Red Apples of Naran Kaghan Valley

Dedicated to the big, bright ‘apple’ I had on my way back from Naran Valley. 

In every single apple lies
A truly magical surprise.
Instead of slicing down,
slice through
And watch the star
appear for you!

This has to be the most ‘beautiful’ apple I ever had! J So pretty that I had to take pics of it before enjoying it, as we were on our way back from an amazing trip to Lake Saif ul Malook in the majestic Naran Valley, a part of the Himalayas. I’ll be doing a totally separate post on our Naran Valley adventure, which stands at 12,000 ft above sea level, where I’ll share photos of the most picturesque valleys & sites we crossed on our way along River Kunhar

However, while going through photos of the trip today I just couldn't resist sharing this particular photograph. Everything about this picture is amazing, the brilliant ‘red of the apple, the lovely shades of ‘green’ nature in the background, the ‘blue’ sky & amazingly magical clouds.  I’m sure you can imagine my delight. Not to forget the.. awwhh.. the awesome way this apple smelled! And no need to describe how juicy – sweet nectar filled this apple was. *licks lips* All I can say is that having an apple in the virtual paradise that Naran is, is one of the little yet most cherished moments of our trip. 

Do you have anything related to share – leave a comment. J 

Red Apples
Even the 'anti-focus' is equally charming...
Happy backpacking..

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  1. Indeed this apple is as beautiful as that place was :P...

    1. All the credit goes to the buyer. :)

  2. I wonder who bought it :/ Kon tha???

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