Nivea 'Double Effect' Shower Cream

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If you have been following my blog, you must have gone through my post about Nivea 'Harmony Time' Shower Cream where I went on & on about what a wonderful experience enjoying this shower cream was. This time, however I picked up Nivea double effect Shower & Shave. To tell you the truth time, I thoroughly checked this 250 ml bottle to confirm it’s not a product for men - lolls the chances of which were less, thanks to the usually colorful bottle.

“Let the delicate scent of Passion Fruit envelop your senses...”

Nivea Double Effect Shower & Shave

Nivea double effect Shower & Shave is part of Nivea’s Essential Skin Care range – a part of Nivea’s Bath Range. The rich formula blended with Avocado Oil is specially created for effortless shaving experience. But that’s not the only reason to try out this shower cream. The amazingly refreshing scent of Passion Fruit explodes as soon as you squeeze your shower loofah. It creates a lot of lather & feels extra smooth on your skin – it made me smile. J It almost feels like an aromatherapy session with fragrant oils. The purpose of this is to help you with an effortless shaving experience, if you prefer shaving on waxing & other methods of hair removal. However, if you’re somebody like me who wants to try this out just for the sake of experiencing different Nivea product, then I must say it’s an amazing buy.

Nivea Double Effect Shower & Shave

Nivea Double Effect Shower & Shave

Nivea Double Effect Shower & Shave

Just like Nivea 'Harmony Time' Shower cream Nivea double effect Shower & Shave has HYDRA IQ (active agent that stimulates formation of hydration channels which control distribution of water & keeps it within the skin cells providing constant moisture). If you come across this shower cream while shopping, don't hesitate to pick one up to enjoy this wonderful experience. Find out more about Nivea products by clicking here.

“Relax & rejuvenate with every shower…”

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