Time For Apricot Scrubs!


Smells So Yummy You'll Want To Eat!

Hi beautifuls!

Fall is in full swing. 

With autumn comes its side effects on our skin. Have you noticed the dryness of your skin lately? The slight chill in the breeze these days takes away the moisture in our skin leaving it dull, cracked & flaky. To protect your skin from dryness its very important to exfoliate. Keeping all this in mind I recently purchased FREEMAN’s Feeling Beautiful Facial Creamy Scrub in Apricot. This scrub is part of FREEMAN’s Feeling Beautiful skincare range.

FREEMAN’s Feeling Beautiful Facial Creamy Scrub in Apricot

FREEMAN has one of the best selling & extensive skincare range! This scrub comes in a really nice bright apricot-orange 150 ml tube. Its made with natural, botanical ingredients. The texture is really creamy, ideal for those with sensitive skin. The scrub is really gentle on the skin while you massaging. It helps remove dull, dead skin cells that cause flaky skin. It smells so 'apricot' & fresh. I'm using it regularly during showers & since its very gentle on my skin & absolutely non-abrasive. Its an absolutely refreshing product especially if you add it to your shower time. J

FREEMAN’s Feeling Beautiful Facial Creamy Scrub in Apricot

The good thing about FREEMAN’s Feeling Beautiful Facial Creamy Scrub in Apricot is that its moisturizing & leaves skin smooth & glowing. This scrub is a must in my fall beauty regime since we all know how important it is to exfoliate to promote growth of new skin cells. Don't forget to check out the complete range FREEMAN’s Feeling Beautiful  here

Let me know which facial scrubs are you pretty ladies using these days.. :) 

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  1. I've never heard of Freemans, don't think we can get it in the UK. It's a shame cause i'd love to try this out! xx

    1. Sorry to hear that Grace.

      It's a US brand. You may want to check out beauty retails & drugstores. If I find out I'll let you know. :)

  2. It leaves skin so smooth..im a regular user of it.