Dove Pink Beauty Cream Bar


Dove Pink Beauty Cream Bar

Hey pretty ones!

Well yet another busy week with absolutely no time for tweeting let alone blogging but that's not stopping me from admiring one of my favorite winter skin care product - Dove Pink Beauty Cream Bar. I have combination skin which means it's really challenging to take care of it. With winters in full swing I had to change my face wash. I love using make-up removing wipes which work great but there's nothing more refreshing like washing face with running, clear tap water. Hence, I always finish off by using Dove Pink Beauty Cream Bar. I know alot of you are familiar with Dove  - it's a popular brand & favorite of so many like myself. However, I would love to share more details about Dove Pink.

Dove Pink Beauty Cream Bar

To start with: Dove Pink is a 'limited edition' which is launched specifically to help fund The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Australia  to raise funds & awareness for breast cancer - how cool is that! Since 2006 Dove donated over $1 million for this cause. All the products in Dove Pink range have soft pink color & fresh, floral, feminine fragrance. 

The Dove Pink  range includes:

Dove Pink Beauty Cream Bar
Dove Pink Beauty Cream Bar is almost the same as the original Dove Cream Bar. It helps bring out natural softness in your skin & retains natural moisture. Dove Pink Beauty Cream Bar is the same composition with a refreshing light formula. It is composed of Dove's signature 1/4 moisturising cream. The reason I purchase it was because my skin has starting getting SO dry! Even after moisturising well in the morning with a light pat of my new Rimmel Stay Matt Pressed Powder my skin develops dry patches within an hour. With the new Dove Pink Beauty Cream Bar I have overcome this issue once in for all! After every wash my skin feel soft, smooth, clean & hydrated.  The reason behind this is that Dove uses ultra mild pH neutral cleansers to ensure our skin is cleansed without dryness or any kind of irritation & is enriched with essential moisture. It's suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. 

This is definitely one of my favorite products in winter season & yes I'm definitely going to repurchase it. 

Have you tried Dove Pink Beauty Cream Bar?

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