Merry Christmas Charlie Brown..!

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Hi Sweethearts,

Christmas is almost here. I'm home spending most of my time shopping, watching movies & catching up with family & friends. I've been watching quite a few Christmas theme movies to get the feel of Christmas - I love movies! As I was searching, I came across A Charlie Brown Christmas - a true classic in every sense of the word! It isn't Christmas until you watch Charlie Brown! This is a 1965 animated holiday classic for kids. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Photo credit: Joy Logan Burkhart via Gale Keys

The Peanuts Gang in a statement on commercialization of ChristmasChristmas season is all about shopping & buying presents for your loved ones etc. But what do materialism really have to do with Christmas? - the question vexing Charlie Brown. A Charlie Brown Christmas addresses the emotional & spiritual effect of ever-increasing commercialization of Christmas in a bold yet gentle way. 

In the movie, Charlie Brown is convinced that the "true meaning of Christmas" has been forgotten by both his Peanuts friends & the rest of the world. Lucy advises Charlie Brown to get into the holiday spirit by directing the upcoming Christmas play. What happens next is for you to watch for yourselves! J 

The Message :Be thankful for what you have & appreciate it. The presents, glitz & all the stress over-shadows the true meaning of Christmas. Stop & take a deep breath to appreciate 'the' free gift which was presented over 2 thousand years ago because if you do not do so that kills the true meaning of the season. 

Highly recommended & a must watch!

Merry Christmas

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